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2011 Playoff Thoughts 

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After witnessing many gamesĀ  this year, the NHL playoffs are the best post-season games ever!

To touch on a few topics, it’s going to be quite a read but bear with me if you can.

(1) Raffi Torres’ hit on Brent Seabrook. It was cleanly dirty if that made sense. The hit was the fine line of dirty and clean and it was unfortunate that Seabrook had to miss the next game. However, those types of hits can conclude to a more dangerous consequence which causes some concern.

(2) Game 7s. Those have been popular in the first round. The Canucks blew a 3-0 series lead but thanks to the magic of Alex Burrows in OT, they were able to advance into the second round. The Tampa Bay Lightning have really stepped up this year from a dead last place team the previous year to where they are now. They are currently playing the Capitals in the second round. Montreal and Boston has a long history that will take me ages to re-evaluate but that was a well fought series with the Bruins advancing.

(3) The Green Men. According the CBC yesterday, the NHL is looking to remove or disallow the Green Men from their entertainment beside the penalty box. In all enlightenment, they are hardcore fans just having fun. They aren’t harming anyone.. even if their suit is pretty tight. ;-)

(4) Sidney Crosby. His team had been eliminated in the first round, but Sidney Crosby himself has yet to play since January. It’s unfortunate that he has gone through such a concussion.

(5) Sedin Twins. Have been pretty quiet in the playoffs. Everyone is well aware of what they can do. The playoffs might have caused some pressure on them, however, the silence must be broken if the Canucks are looking to get even further in the playoffs.

Hope you are all enjoying the playoffs. Predictions for the second round? 

May 1st at 1PM / 0 notes

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Way back when…

Way back when…



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